Wilde Irish Women

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Academy of Music , 274 Main Street, Northampton, Massachusetts

Join Rosie Caine and the Wilde Irish Women as they explore the fascinating life of Margaret Maher, the Irish maid of Emily Dickinson who defied Emily's request to burn her poetry after her death. A fascinating and untold story brought to you in music, song and story by the Wilde Irish Women of Western Mass! Margaret Maher, a humble Irish maid, defied Emily's death bed decree to burn her poems. Her brave independent thinking and courageous action came of being born in Ireland, in a country where poems are respected not burned. There is so much more to the story which we have learned through oral history shared by Maggie's local descendants in the valley. Join us to relive the poems in which we find traces of Irish colloquialisms and evidence of the friendship shared by Emily and Maggie.

Wilde Irish Women (c) 2022